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iHome v 1.5

I was very pleased by the professional appearence of the application. It works just great for me. The support is very good. I got a reply to my setup problem within minutes (on Sunday!!!). Great.


Extremely well-made and visually appealing. A wealth of information in this app. Highly recommended for anyone planning to buy a home.

Ihome calculator

Wow. Have tried two others that were pathetic . Easy to use instantly,input hints great, yes does Canuck calcs, great comparison features of loans and investment purchases,easy to duplicate 2nd loan with copy and all this before reading the tutorial, email function lets me send summary to clients ( not sure why graph doesnt show up,when it does if I read email on iPhone?) As added feature, it would be nice to have calculator inside or auto calc for say downpay ie rather than amt, enter 5 percent of p price but well worth the money with extras (I could be a real evangelist at 99 cents)... To the developers June 18 2009 I suspect there isnt anything I can do but I bought your app (and gave you the above review) but my phone jammed / locked and apple replaced it ( nothing to do with your or anyone elses apps) and apple replaced my phone before I had syced / saved your app to my iTunes I guess there is no way of getting my app back without repaying? I. Think you have my email from previous correspondence

best appl

best appl ever for the Canadian mortgage market, love the way i can do different payments frequency and compounding periods, love the comparasion feature, being able to store and input datas and cal paymenst on fly is well worth the price. As an improvement would lobe to be able to export data to keynot to include in presentation and excel. that would be awsome.

One thing missing

Great app, but I need the ability to add extra payments after a said period instead of all the way from the beginning. Please add this option.

App Crashes Regularly

Bought this app while ago and this latest version crashes consistently on my ipad and iphone 4. I can reproduce the problem and is very annoying as you loose all the data you were working with. Not recommended at this time


This app continually crashes, rendering it useless. Save your money.

Bug with canadian french

When i use canadian french settings on the numerical keyboard i have a comma for decimal. Then when i enter value with decimal it doesnt work. Also the possibility to enter the value directly in the fields without having to switch to another page and press the back button to enter all the other values in the other fiels. When we enter value in the fields it would be Nice to also have the possibility to make some calculation by having the. + - / =. On the number keypad Also another bug. When we make extra payment for loan and we analyse the calculation the effective morgage rate never go below -1.8% from the actual rate no matter if i increase extra payment. Ex: rate at 3.9% the effective rate Will never go below 2.1% effective rate. With all these bugs and recommendation from other users. This application is not update frequently. Pass away this application and buy one with more support.

crashes all the time on saved entries

dont waste your money


This is by far the best mortgage app on the iPhone! Great if your on the business. Tons of options and a nice breakdown you can email your clients!

Its ok I guess...

I do really believe that this app was intended to be professional. The main reason why I bought this app is for the amortization schedule it produced once you emailed it. The email purpose of this is a good thought, but after testing it several times there is no way the email looks professional. The schedule doesnt look like what app is it supposed to look like. When looking at the schedule all the numbers are scrambled together. I would not email any client or anyone else at that matter. Great thought and I support your efforts, But if you are looking to print or email a decent copy of a schedule then I would not suggest buying this. Maybe an update... but till then I wouldnt spend the money to get something not worth it. Sorry guys but still not there for the $3. Wish you the best of luck. Edit: after several hours of playing with different email programs, Outlook, Gmail, Entourage... I found that Entourage was the only one that doesnt work with this app. Therefore, I will give one more star. however, I have to take back the start cause how the app is sent via email. The email function should come from your own personally account not one setup by the creator of the app. This information should be private to the sender and who it is from. Thus there should be no way a third party can view the email. Hopefully support could contact me with some more info but till then I wouldnt suggest anyone emailing through a 3rd party email. but i do with you the best of luck. Thanks

Disappointing for early mortgage payoff tracking

Wont work for me. The screen shots make it look better then it is.


Good app. Worth the money.


Highly recommended to anyone who has a loan or is considering one. The graphs it generates really illustrates the damaging effects of interest. Well worth the price.

Clear, helpful, flexible

I love the graphs feature on this app as well as the extra payment option. It has helped me grasp the size of my committment and how I might hurry up the process of paying down the loan.

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